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Traditional AVA Walk in Austin on 18 February, 2017


If you arrive early to Texas you might want to spend Saturday, February 18 in Austin at a traditional walk along the Eastern Trail of Lady Bird Lake. A new above-water boardwalk extension, which connects a gap in the circuit that previously existed on the southeastern side of the trail, was opened in 2014.

The easiest way to travel between San Antonio and Austin via public transportation is the MegaBus. It’s less than a 2-hour trip and costs $5 each way. You can book in advance and reserve a seat. Austin is 90 miles north of San Antonio — straight up IH-35 — and takes about an hours and a half to drive if traffic is light. During rush hour — that’s a different story.

If you want to stay overnight and help “Keep Austin Weird,” a convenient and affordable option is the Hostel, right on the shore of the lake. Folks in Austin assure us that it’s clean, safe and affordable.

If you have questions, call the Colorado River Walkers President, Carol Obianwu at  (512) 771-9566.



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