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Although this is a description of the 2019 walks, our walks in 2020 will be the same (with a few tweaks to incorporate exciting new parks and trails that are popping up throughout the city.)

One of downtown San Antonio’s gifts to visitors on foot is its meandering streets and pathways, formed by the course of the San Antonio River and the various settlements that grew up around it. On every corner you will you’ll come across some fascinating testament to the city’s historically rich past and breathtaking natural beauty. All walks are rated 1A or 1B, with some stairs.

The Alamo

The Riverwalk

La Villita

Main Plaza

El Mercado

Friday, 22 February 2019 10/6km walks
START: 7:00-10:00AM FINISH BY: 1:00PM
The 10km route will visit the River Walk, La Villita, the Alamo, El Mercado, Main Plaza, and other interesting downtown San Antonio areas. The 6km route includes Main Plaza, Aztec Theater, Texas Ranger Museum, Majestic Theater and El Mercado.

Saturday, 23 February 2019  42/21/13/5 km walks
START: 6:45-7:15AM (42K) 7:30-10:00AM (all walks) FINISH BY: 5:00PM
The marathon goes to the four UNESCO World Heritage-designated Spanish Missions, Mission Reach, and Stinson Field before returning. For the 22km route you will be bused to the furthest mission — Espada — and walk back to the hotel, passing through all four missions. The 13km route goes only to Mission Concepcion and back. The 5km route explores the area south of the event hotel, including the historic King William area. MAP of Mission Trail

Mission Espada

Beethoven Maennerchor

The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk

Mission San Juan

Mission San Jose

Plaque at the Espada Dam

Stinson Field


Tower of the Americas


Pearl Farmer's Market

Brackenridge Park

Trinity University

Landa Library

Sunday, 24 February 2019 21/13/5km walks
START: 7:30-8:00AM FINISH BY: 4:00PM
The 21km route goes north along the River Walk, through Brackenridge Park, the historic Monte Vista Neighborhood and Trinity University. The 15km route turns around at the Pearl, the 13km route follows the River Walk and City streets north, and the 5km goes to the Alamo and back.

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