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Need groceries while you are at the Holiday Inn-Downtown, our event hotel? Go to your H.E.B. at 516 S. Flores, only a 5 minute walk. Turn  right after leaving the hotel and walk down West Cesar Chavez one block to S. Flores and turn right. It’s there on the corner.

H.E.B. is the initials of the store’s founder, Howard E. Butt, so if you’re asking for directions, pronounce it as individual letters: aitch-eee-bee. It’s is the store’s prototype hip urban grocery, so there is a very large selection of beer and wine, both chilled and on the shelf. There are also a lot of prepared foods, from cold salads and sandwiches to store-prepared meals that you can heat in an oven or microwave. You’ll be offered a plastic bag to haul your purchases, but  HEB reusable bags, designed by respected artists (people collect them!), only cost a couple of bucks and make a nice souvenir of your visit.


This post has been updated for the 2019 Texas Trail Roundup.



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