Saddle Up! For the Texas Trail Roundup. San Antonio, Texas, Febriary 24-26, 2017

Three days of glorious walking, from the dense urban core of the 7th largest city in the USA to nearby quiet trails that will make you think you have drifted back 300 years in time.

Holiday Inn Market Square
All events start at the Holiday Inn located at 318 West Cesar E. Chavez Blvd, San Antonio, Texas 78204. Get directions or make a reservation at our special rate.

Pre-register (by 10 February 2017) and find out all the details of the Texas Trail Roundup Walk Fest here. IVV credit will be offered for all walks, but IML credit cannot be offered in 2017.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing our secrets about the best of the best places in San Antonio. Most of them are on the walk routes! You’ll be in town for the last three days of the Stock Show and Rodeo and you’ll have time to see The Saga, a world-class sound and light show projected onto the facade of San Fernando Cathedral. Stay tuned! (And watch the video . . .)

13 Fun Things To Do on Friday Night

You've probably figured out on your own that it's fun to hang out on the Riverwalk, sip margaritas and sing karaoke on a Friday night, but if you've been there, done that and already got the T-shirt, here are a few insider suggestions on where to hang out on the...

Yturri-Edmunds House: Original Adobe

On most Saturday walks you will be instructed to pass the turn-off to the Yturri-Edmonds House and Mill. You might be able to get a peek at it through the foliage. Miss Ernestine E. Edmunds, a school teacher and granddaughter of Manuel Yturri Castillo, willed this...

San Antonio in Flight: Stinson Field

San Antonio has a rich history of leadership and innovation in civil and military aviation. The first flight of an airplane in the San Antonio skies was in February 1910 by French barnstormer Louis Paulhan. It was quickly followed by the first military flight in the...

Two Really, Really, REALLY Interesting Hotel Stories

Last month we were hanging around downtown and an out-of-town friend pointed to the Fairmont Hotel, on the edge of La Villita,  and said, "bet that's been there for a while." Not really . . . the small hotel was built in 1906, but it's only been THERE, at the corner...

When the Saints Came Marching In

The five San Antonio missions got their names from saints and benefactors: who were these men and women who left their names on our landscape? Saint Anthony, by the way, is considered to be the finder of lost things. So, if you get lost during the Texas Trail Roundup...

Butch & Sundance on the Street Where We Live

Our event hotel sits on the infamous corner of Cesar Chavez Blvd, between Urban Loop and Santa Rosa. Unless you're a native, you won't realize that until six years ago, when it was re-named after the Chicano labor leader, our street was called Durango. When I-35 was...

Monte Vista: Beautiful Houses from San Antonio’s Gilded Age

San Antonio streetcar service began in 1878; at first,  the cars were pulled by horses or mules. Real estate values soared along the line, which crossed land which was prairie up until this time. The service was electrified in 1890, following the completion of San...

Take a Walk in a City Park

One of the American Volkssport Association's Special Programs is "Take a Walk in a City Park." During the Texas Trail Roundup, you will do that. And do it again, and again, putting you on track to fill up the 20 walks required to earn the cool patch. We have almost...

In Southtown on Sunday: Wander Through Blue Star

All of the Sunday walks will take you past the Blue Star Contemporary Arts Complex, in the area we call Southtown. In 1985, Hap Veltman and Bernard Lifshutz purchased the historic, run-down and vacant  Blue Star Ice and Cold Storage complex across the San Antonio...

Our Very Cultured Pearl: the Hippest Place in Town

Sunday's walks will take you through The Pearl, one of the trendiest spots in San Antonio. We've scheduled the start times so that you will hit it about the time the farmer's market opens: 10AM-2PM, rain or shine. This is a producers-only farmer's market. All Pearl...

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