Saddle Up! For the Texas Trail Roundup. San Antonio, Texas, Febriary 24-26, 2017

Three days of glorious walking, from the dense urban core of the 7th largest city in the USA to nearby quiet trails that will make you think you have drifted back 300 years in time.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing our secrets about the best of the best places in San Antonio. Most of them are on the walk routes! You’ll be in town for the last three days of the Stock Show and Rodeo and you’ll have time to see The Saga, a world-class sound and light show projected onto the facade of San Fernando Cathedral. Stay tuned! (And watch the video . . .)

Beware the Chupacabra

The legend of the chupacabra is a surprisingly recent one, originating in Puerto Rico in 1995. The name means "goat sucker" in Spanish, and a series of farm animal mutilations on the island were attributed to a horrific lizardy creature, like the one pictured above....

2018 Texas Trail Roundup Brochure & Schedule Now Online

The brochure & schedule for the 2018 Texas Trail Roundup are now online! You can preregister by mail, for now. We'll soon be adding online registration that will allow credit card transactions. We're starting the Friday Friendship Walk on February 23  earlier in...

Start Earning the Patch: Vice Presidential Walks

The American Volkssport Association's Special Programs add a little spice to your walks. The Vice Presidents Walks program expires at the end of 2018. Even though only 12 events are needed to earn the patch, each VP and each walk can only be counted once, making it a...

Dr. Shiga’s 1914 Alamo Monument

Nagashino is the Alamo of Japan; The Alamo is the Nagashino of America. Whoever knows the heroes of the Battle of Nagashino Knows the heroes of the Alamo Two monuments, one in Okazaki, Japan and one in the Alamo courtyard in San Antonio, bear these words commemorating...

Alamo Stadium Murals: a WPA Project

During the 20k+ walk on Sunday, the Texas Trail Roundup takes you by Alamo Stadium at 110 Tuleta, across the street from Trinity University. If you have a spare moment, check out the murals at the west entrance. The federal Work Projects Administration (WPA)...

A Monarch Champion City

In March, Monarch butterflies leave their winter home in Mexico and head north, some as far as Canada. Many of them stop over in San Antonio to lay their eggs, which become caterpillars and eventually turn into baby Monarchs, which are the butterflies that eventually...

The Little Train in the Big Park

Since 1957, the San Antonio Zoo Eagle has chugged along the tracks skirting the banks of the San Antonio River in Brackenridge Park, on the route of the longer Sunday walks of the Texas Trail Roundup.  Stops include the Witte Museum, Kiddie Park, and the Japanese Tea...

254 Texas Counties: Walk ’em All!

The United States has 3,144 counties and county equivalents. Delaware has three. Texas has 254. Two hundred and fifty four! Given enough time, you can walk 'em all. And the Texas County Walkers can help. The Texas County Walkers is a unique club in the American...

May is National Physical Fitness Month

May is National Physical Fitness Month in the United States and the American Volkssport Association celebrates it with a patch.  Many AVA clubs will have this patch for sale at their May walks, so grab it while you can. National Physical Fitness Month was designated...

Celebrate World Walk Day

Every year on May 8 the IVV -- our parent organization, the International Federation of Popular Sport -- hosts World Walking Day. On that day, or sometime during that week, people all over the world celebrate the fun, fitness and friendship that we get from simply...

Fiesta Medals: the Volkssporting Connection

San Antonio touts its annual Fiesta -- 20-30 April this year -- as a "party with a purpose." It traces its origins to 1890 with the first "Battle of the Flowers" parade, commemorating the Texians victory over Santa Anna at San Jacinto. The participants pelted each...

The Gunter Hotel, Robert Johnson & the Birth of Rock-and-Roll

On November 23, 1936 Robert Johnson created the template for electric blues, which became rock-and-roll, in Room 414 of the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. You'll pass the Gunter, which opened in 1909, on the Friday Friendship Walk: it's on E. Houston St., across from...

San Antonio: A City in Song

If you are working on the American Volkssport Association (AVA) Cities in Song special program, you've hit the jackpot. San Antonio is probably the most sung about city in the USA. Most folks are familiar with "San Antonio Rose," but here are five more contemporary...

The Unique Ceramic Trail Markers in Brackenridge Park

You may have noticed the unusual trail markers in Brackenridge Park. The eastern part of the park has four wooded trails, each about a mile long. The  markers at the trailheads are by Susan Budge, who at the time of the trail markers' creation in 2006 was the head of...
Panel from Toad Bridge in Brackenridge Park

The Not-A-Frog Bridge in Brackenridge Park

After the Texas Trail Roundup Sunday walk someone asked us about San Antonio's "Frog Bridge." Actually, it's a TOAD bridge (although everyone calls it the frog bridge. Goes to show what we know.) The city commissioned ceramicist Diana Kersey to decorate a new bridge...

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